The fundamental human relationships involved in the delivery of quality services are the foundation of our way of doing business. Therefore, we place primary value upon our customers and our employees.

We are dedicated to providing superior service to those individuals whose business is entrusted to us. Our primary focus is to respond to their needs. Our dealing with them will be professional, courteous, helpful, and cooperative. 

Our employees are critical to our success as a corporation. We will respect their individuality, recognize and reward their good performance, provide opportunities for their growth and development, and encourage their participation in the decision-making process.

We consider respect, trust, and integrity to be essential in all our dealings. We expect honest, ethical behavior from ourselves, and we encourage it in others.

Our employees live and work in the larger context of society. Therefore, we value and encourage responsible individual and corporate citizenship. We recognize our obligation to be a positive influence in the communities in which we maintain a presence. 

We are progressive in our response to the changing needs of our business and prudent in the management of our resources. We value superior, high-quality work at the individual, unit, and corporate levels.

Without apology, we are profit oriented, for only profitable companies can adapt and survive to meet their long term commitments to customers, employees and business partners.

Our proposal

Mission Statement

  • Call centers
  • VoIP, Telephony, CTI, and Cable Service calls
  • High Speed Data and Digital Television services
  • Core Cable and Analog installation and service
  • Disconnects and collections
  • PC Service calls
  • Underground burial and boring solutions
  • Commercial Installation and service
  • Network installations for both residential and commercial costumers 
  • Each of our offices has at a minimum one technician who can provide high levels of PC service and troubleshooting

The Best Cable Contractor in Town

communication and satisfaction


From the technician level to the executive management level, US Cable Corporation strives each and every day to improve operations internally and improve communication and processes between our company and yours. 

Each and every improvement we make is designed to add value and greater levels of satisfaction to the subscribers of your system in the Last Feet.

First class business


US Cable & Communication Corporation's vision of merging the industry practices of cable contracting and a first rate customer service organization has become reality.

All of our technicians are employees with a wide range of benefits. We have always provided paid training and our online training allows our technicians to stay current with technology and trends in the industry. We focus our training on the customer experience and how to treat people in general. Since our inception we have consistently hired candidates with personality, aptitude, and ethics. This gives us a diverse set of technicians from all industries and allows our business to build on the skills and experience of these technicians. Our quality control is second to none in order to verify that the expectation of both our cable operators and our organization is continuously met.

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